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Darwinism Watch
Why is the New York Times' claim about the creation of an artificial human genome unreasonable? 2016-06-06  
A new attempt for a fake transitional form by the Journal Nature: Tyrannosaur Euotica 2016-04-01  
PLoS ONE Journal Fails to Stand Against the Power of Atheist Propaganda and Darwinist Dictatorship 2016-03-25  
The Ancestors of Armadillos Were also Armadillos 2016-03-11  
What Does the Fact That We Share the Same Diseases with Neanderthals Mean? 2016-03-02  
The Evolutionist Scenario over Homo naledi Has Come to Nothing 2015-09-23  
The Myth of Evolution Again from the Top: Let life start without protein, but not without sugar 2015-06-17  
A 80 million year old rare frilled shark fossil found in Australia speaks against Darwinism 2015-03-28  
The Darwinist idea that Humans are no different to animal species is incorrect 2015-03-28  
Why are www.theguardian.com and other Darwinists mistaken? 2015-03-28  

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