5 Things To Know before Purchasing Portable Generator

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In present increasingly technological world, people are accustomed to having everything they want precisely when they need it. Because of this, even an hour power cut can make the people feel a big burden to them. Thanks to portable generators, we can get the power at any time almost at any place you need it. However, when you find overwhelming choices of portable generators for sale, the biggest question for you would be how can you be sure that you are buying a dependable and top-notch generator machine that can provide the required power for your application. Here are five things to know before purchasing a portable generator.

Generators with oil guard and wheel kit

Purchasing a portable generator that can shut down itself when the engine runs out of the oil level is the best choice. This oil guard protects the generator engine from damage by shutting down it automatically, if the oil level falls below the minimum level. However, only more expensive models offer this feature. On the other hand, most of the generators will not come with a wheel kit. Some require you to purchase the wheel kit separately, so make sure that the generator you buy has wheel kit.


Noise Level and Requirement of voltage

No one likes the noise. How much noise the generator produces can be one of the factors that you have to consider before you purchase the generator. Of course, a quiet generator will be preferred by all consumers if everything else is equal. Generally, small size generators have the option of a quiet design. If you’re tailgating or camping in an area that allows generators, your neighbours will appreciate the consideration.


General low voltages of the generators are 120/208 volts three phase, 120/240 volts single phase, 277/480 volts three phase and 120/240 volts three phase. If you are unsure, your electrician can provide this information.

Warranty duration


The standard warranty for the portable generator systems typically ranges from 1 year to 6 years depending on the generator type. On the other hand, industrial generator comes with a one or two year warranty along with operational upgraded. Whereas, the residential generator come with a warranty of two to five years and offer optional upgrades. Before you purchase a generator, it is best to understand the warranty duration and coverage of your standby system. It is also best to choose a reputable company that provides installation of the generator. Some buyers may have a company in mind when deciding to purchase a generator while others may benefit from a referral.


Generator running time with a tank of fuel

As per Bestgeneratorsguide.com Most portable generators available on the market today run for 7 hours to 15 hours on half of the load, which is more than enough to leave them on for the night. It is very important to know how long does the generator run on a tank of fuel before u purchase it.


Economy mode or an electric throttle


Though these are not ‘must-have’ features, these features are the best way to enhance the efficiency of your generator and to get more power for longer. These features work by adjusting the speed of the engine speed to meet the electrical load, decrease the emissions and fuel use when you don’t require the generator’s full power. Most of the inverter generators these days are fitted with an eco throttle.